Thursday, 28 February 2008

dhtmlxFolders – Ajax Solution for Creating File Browser or Items Explorer Interfaces

DHTMLX Ajax Toolkit has been extended with a new UI component – dhtmlxFolders . This component provides flexible and effective solution for creating Ajax-enabled file/image browsers, product catalogs, web-shop interfaces, etc.

St. Petersburg, Russia, February 25, 2008 - DHTMLX has released dhtmlxFolders , Ajax/DHTML component that displays numerous objects with the same data structure in different views and layouts. The component can be used as a basis for file/image browsers, product catalogs, search engine results or any kind of informational resources.

dhtmlxFolders can be easily implemented in any Ajax-based website/application. Rich and robust JavaScript API gives developers wide possibilities to customize component’s view and behaviour. The component’s appearance can be defined through XSL or JavaScript and changed on the fly.

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