Friday, 27 June 2008

DocBook XSL - ePub target is ready for wider testing

If you're using the DocBook XSL distribution you've probably already seen that DocBook XSL 1.74.0 has been released with ePub support. Note that the 1.74.0 release is an experimental release, and is made available for testing and evaluation. See the release notes for a note about DocBook dot-0 releases.

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albisanz said...

hi mig,

do you know if the DocBook XSL already supports DocBook 5.0 XML as source-file?

thank you for your nice blog-website! :)

albisanz said...
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albisanz said...

ok, i think i found the answer by myself: it seems that this is not the case!

now im wondering if everybody knows converters for DB 5.0?